Bullshit is an ever-increasing, timeless term applied to and/or associated with rather provocative situations or selected, at times arguably perceptually persuasive information, occasionally notwithstanding its context, and minimally, if ever, achieving any further utilization beyond the limitations of the given perspective. Whatever the fuck that means.

It's that raise you were sure as hell you would get. It's that speeding ticket you got when you were rushing to Target because they were about to close and your bitchass fiancee needed some God damn moisturizer that Walmart just wouldn't carry because apparently you're an inconsiderate asshole for "fucking waiting 'til the last minute" because you should've known by now that no one makes up their damn mind anymore anyway, and somehow this is supposed to hint at some relationship problem she thought you were aware of and had talked about when really, you can't help but question what the word "relationship" even means anymore, or really ever meant, but it's hard to care at this point when you've got this dumbass douche of a cop taking a fucking century to write that God damn ticket because he keeps finding shit about you offensive. That situation as a whole. You know?

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