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June 21, 2011[1]


Everything (but the truth)


[insert slogan here]

whoapedia, maybe WHOApedia, is a place where you go if you're getting tired of waiting through the ads on YouTube (even though we have them here, too, technically, and wait, this isn't even a video website), if you're looking for the next social networking site to go to (no wait again, this isn't a social networking site either,so....damn), or hearing bullshit from....bullshitters. There's not really much to say about this place. It's just a bunch of bullshit compiled for your entertainment.


  1. By Wikia's time zone, WHOApedia was created on June 22 since it's four hours later than the U.S. Eastern Time Zone in which the wiki originated. Thanks a lot for the confusion, Wikia.
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